InSync Yoga Class List

InSync General Well-being Yoga™ – a class suitable for everyone, including beginners and mature students. This class is designed to help you relax, stretch, gain strength and flexibility and feel great. This class can also help you develop a personal yoga practice as a regular and natural feature of your life. You don’t need to be fit or supply to gain immediate benefit from this class.

Relaxation, Healing & Rejuvenation™
This class gives your mind and body an opportunity to experience healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation through a diverse variety of Yoga practices.

InSync Sacred Yoga™ – a nourishing class for your body and mind that will help you connect more with your inner essence.

InSync Partner Yoga and Adjustment ™ (monthly) Discover how you can get even more benefit out of poses and become more skillful in your practice. No partner or experience required for this fun and relaxing class! Experience the benefits of doing yoga assisted by another. Go deeper into poses and get more out of your yoga.

Yoga Nidra – Relaxation
Yoga Nidra literally means resting deeply or sleeping with awareness. It has been part of Yoga for thousands of years. Swami Satyananda discovered the benefits and with his followers has effectively promoted a version of this technique in the Yoga world. In this class, you will experience a range of Yoga Nidra practices to support healing relaxation and important goals in your life.

Yoga Learning Space™ (monthly) Learn from others and be inspired.
An opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience of Yoga and connect with like-minded people. Each session will help you apply the wisdom of Yoga practically in your life.
All welcome including Yoga students and teachers.

InSync Yoga for the Elements – It is our mission to help our students develop greater well-being and happiness. Our intention is to enrich your experience so that you can gain even more benefits from our newly developed Element classes. Our teachers endeavor to help all of our students adapt the practice to their needs. This includes giving options in various poses to both beginners and more advanced students and encouraging the use of appropriate props.

The Five Elements model is powerful time-tested and versatile. We can use it to recognize imbalances in our body, mind, and life and to then know what action to take to get in balance and feel great. The five elements are fields of energy and information that arise from a deeper common source. Life is a dance of the five elements which are present everywhere in everything in varying combinations. To be in balance with the elements is to be truly yourself and inSync with your nature.
All the Element classes help us get into balance and in some way, all the five Elements will be present in each class. However certain classes will have a stronger focus on specific Elements.

  • InSync Water & Earth Yoga™
    Settle, ground, experience flow, joy & support
    Do you feel your mind and life is moving too fast and you need to slow down and stabilize? Want to feel more supported, steady and calm in your life? Do you want to bring more ease, nourishment, and sweetness to yourself and to your life? If so this grounding and soothing class is for you.
  • InSync Water Flow Yoga™ (monthly)
    Be nourished, develop flow, grace & beauty
    Are you a bit caught up in too much doing? Do you feel burdened by responsibility, getting too serious, or constantly focused on just trying to get everything done? Are you giving yourself and others a hard time? Come to this class to feel nurtured and experience more ease, calmness, pleasure, and joy!
  • Insync Fire Yoga™

    Ignite passion, purpose, self-confidence, strength, and direction.
    Do you want to be more productive, efficient and in control of your life?
    Are you feeling scattered or a bit all over the place? Or heavy, inactive, too slow or slothful?
    This energetic class will for sure get you moving and support you in feeling more centered.

  • InSync Air & Space Yoga™
    Energise, expand, and open up to creativity and new possibilities. Are you in need of more clarity, alertness, and openness to new experience? Do you want to learn, change and become more adaptable? Do you want to lighten up, open your heart and mind, and be more energized and intuitive?
    If so this fun class is for you.
  • Five Elements Yoga™
    Feel whole, integrated and connected
    This class is a combination of all the Elements. Come to this class to a ground; feel nurtured energized and focused; expand your world and feel deeply connected. This class includes steady postures, flowing sequences and a range of other practices.
  • Empowered flow: Fire & Water ™
    Focus and empower yourself, relax and be nourished
    Learn to be dynamic and relaxed at the same time. Awaken your inner strength and spirit Direct empowered energy to fulfill your goals with more ease. This energetic class combines stronger postures with flowing sequences.
  • Earth Yin Yoga™
    Slow down, ground, heal and completely relax
    This is a non-doing yoga practice that cultivates mindfulness and inner stillness and has great benefits for joints, fascia, and connective tissue. In this class, you will experience poses deeply and for much longer periods but in a supportive nurturing way.

Kakini Shakti Yoga ™for Women (monthly)
This is a class for women’s body/mind designed by Nandini.
Kakini Shakti Yoga is, in essence, a self-love practice that supports women in feeling nurtured, rejuvenated, more confident in their bodies and experience more flow in their life. Some women have reported feeling ‘loved, rested, empowered and happy ‘after one class.
The class is held by a solid safe structure – the masculine- while the content of the class is purely a mysterious Feminine creation. This yoga is creative, sensual, taught in the moment adapting to every women’s needs. All women are welcome to be part of the circle. Booking is required at least 24 hours ahead as your sacred space will be prepared in advance.