InSync Yoga & Spiritual Tour to India

This tour is centred in one of the most beautiful parts of India, Kerala and goes for 13 days. Kieran and Nandini will be facilitating this uplifting and transformative experience.

Are you ready to develop your yoga, expand your awareness and awaken to life’s rich possibilities?

13 Days from the 27th December till the 9th of January.

Open your horizons by exploring this unforgettable country in the company of others. The tour program is designed to boost your inner journey while giving you the experience of the wonders of this part of India.

A powerful transformative program

This is much more than a standard tour to India. It is also a powerful supportive program for self-discovery and transformation. This tour will give you rich learning experiences to awaken the best in you and help you become a more open and effective person and global citizen. This InSync Journey to magical India will expand your awareness and give you profound insights into the history, traditions and philosophies of this colourful, diverse and exciting land. It will help you better understand yourself and humanity.

Tour facilitators

Experience all this and more guided by tour leaders who have extensive experience travelling in India. Kieran has over 15 years’ experience in providing tours to India and a vast knowledge of Indian culture, spirituality and history.

He has also facilitated hundreds of transformational retreats and courses over more than 40 years. His wife Nandini has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and for over 10 years has conducted highly successful programs to empower women.

A supportive tour team

This group journey is perfect for a first-time visitor or for those who want to experience more of what this incredible country has to offer. You won’t just be part of a tour group but a member of a supportive team. We will create a powerful team energy to help everyone have lots of fun and be their most natural and empowered selves.

Enjoy rich diverse experiences

You will have an opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse range of people and enjoy the rich cuisine, cultural diversity, spirituality and varying landscapes of this incredible country. We will stay in 3-5 star hotels apart from ashram experiences.

You’ll also get to experience:

  • An oasis of natural beauty and peace
  • The place they call God’s own country and the famed Kerala backwaters
  • The rich range of tastes, colours and sensory delights of modern India
  • Sacred rituals of praise and healing at ancient sacred sites
  • Nature, forests and wildlife, elephants temples, ashrams, churches, synagogues, mosques,
  • Astrologers, wonderful bazaars, a shopping adventure, heaps of fun, and so much more.

Why choose us?

InSync has been running successful tours to India for many years, providing quality of service and individualized attention, as participants on previous tours have attested.

Early Bird (Before 28 September)

 Tour Prices 13 day
 Twin Share $2,645
 Single $2,995


4 payments of $825 for single room accommodation in hotels or 4 payments of $740 for twin share hotel accommodation.

  • The first payment is due by 28 September
  • The second payment is due by 24 October
  • The third payment is due by 24 November
  • The last payment is due by 24 December

After 28 September

 Tour Prices 13 day
 Twin Share $2,999
 Single $3,345

The payment plan for twin share hotel accommodation is 4 payments of $823 spread evenly over the payment period with the last payment of $823 by 24 December 2018.


The payment plan for single room hotel accommodation is:

4 payments of $899 spread evenly over the payment period with the last payment of $899 by 24 December 2018.

Tour Package Inclusions

The tour price includes: accommodation, breakfast and travel between scheduled destinations. It also includes a minibus or shared taxi from Kochi to Varkala on the morning of 27 December and a shared minibus or taxi to either Mangalore or Calicut airports on the morning of 9 January.

It doesn’t include lunch, dinners, tips, taxis for private outings or travel to and from India.

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Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to truly transform your life and awaken more passion, clarity, strength and peace.

InSync Yoga and Spiritual India Tour 2018 Itinerary

The tour officially starts in Varkala, Kerala. A minibus or shared taxi will be available to transport you from Kochi to Varkala on the morning of 27 December. Otherwise we can help you arrange transport from Kochi (Cochin) International airport or from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandum) International airport once we have the details of your flight arrival.

Three nights 27- 29th December : Varkala

We officially start the course with a yoga and meditation practice on beautiful Varkala beach at 4.45 pm on Thursday 27 December before enjoying sunset over the Arabian Sea.

Kashi or Varanasi in North India is generally considered to be the most sacred place in India. Varkala is known as the “Kashi of the South.” Varkala beach is also considered one of the best in India and is very popular with those who love the beach and swimming in warm tropical waters. It has a reputation for wonderful diverse cuisine in restaurants with breathtaking views from Varkala cliff. We will visit different sacred sites including a famed 2000 year old temple and have the chance to bathe in sacred medicinal spring waters. There is an abundance of massage and Ayurvedic treatment spas for you to also enjoy as well as many delights for shoppers. We will start the day with yoga and meditation on beautiful Varkala beach and feel the wonderful gifts of the day as we watch sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

Three nights 30th – 1st Jan 2019: Amritapuri Ashram

This is the home base and ashram of world renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

We are visiting this international centre of spirituality and home base for many of Amma’s humanitarian projects. It is located amidst an expanse of coconut palms between the beautiful Kerala backwater and the Arabian Sea. We will have a taste of ashram life and an opportunity to have a personal blessing and hug from Amma. This is one of the most joyous and loving places on the planet for aspiring global citizens to celebrate and usher in the new year in the presence of Amma.

One night 2 January: Fort Cochin

On the afternoon and night of 2nd January we will visit Fort Cochin and explore its rich history including churches, synagogue and Chinese fishing nets.

Kochi or Cochin has often been described as the Venice of the East.

St Thomas the apostle brought Christianity here to Kerala shortly after the death of Jesus Christ.

We will visit the church of St Francis where Vasco da Gama was buried. It reflects the history of European influence from the Portuguese, Dutch and English.

The beautiful night lantern decorations around Fort Cochin at this time of year express the spirit of this wonderful friendly community and add an unforgettable touch of beauty and charm.

Three nights 3rd – 6th January:

Near Calicut (Kozhikode)

Enjoy Kadavu five star resort near Calicut for a transformational retreat by the beautiful Chaliyar River.

This retreat program is designed to help you awaken your beautiful Self. You will learn what to do to feel really good in yourself and bring all that loving inspired energy in to your relationships and life.

You will experience an accelerated program on how to hug yourself, your individual life in all its forms and Life/God. The program will not only nurture your body and mind but give you the tools, techniques, strategies and action plan to help you make 2019 the best year of your life.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful spa and Ayurvedic treatments in this modern hotel which celebrates the art, architecture, flora and traditions of Kerala.

6th – 8th January: 3 days in “The Abode of Bliss” – Ananda Ashram in Kasaragod.

The Anandashram was founded by Swami Ramdas, endearingly called Beloved Papa, at Kanhangad, South India in 1931. Sacred energy, warm hospitality and abundance is very lively here in this lush environment.

It is a wonderful environment to support and strengthen the awakening of your beautiful Self

During the inaugural ceremony of the Ashram, it’s enlightened founder, Swami Ramdas gave a short speech describing the purpose of the Ashram. This will help you understand the value of spending time here.

“The ideal which the ashram holds before it is universal love and service, based upon a vision of divinity in all beings and creatures of the world. Here every man, woman or child, to whatever denomination, creed, or caste the person may belong, shall have free access. This is a place where every effort will be made to cultivate the spirit of mutual love and service, so that what is realized within its walls may prove as an example for the right conduct of human life in outside world.”

9 January: This morning marks the formal completion of this InSync Yoga and Spiritual tour. Although some participants may wish to stay longer in the ashram or India, the rest of us will be commencing our journeys home with transport to either Mangalore or Kochi International airports, depending on your flight arrangements.

*Please note InSync reserves the right to modify the scheduled itinerary at anytime.

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Your Tour Leaders


Kieran is the founder and Director of the InSync Institute. He has conducted transformative programs for thousands of individuals and organizations for over 35 years.

Kieran has many years’ experience leading programs both locally in Australia and internationally, including leading many tours to India. He has a deep understanding of the Indian culture, people, and their history as well as of the philosophies, religions, and worldviews that have shaped Indian life.

Kieran invests energy into these tours not only to help people develop and understand meditation and yoga but to experience deeper humanity and appreciate the quest for meaning and wholeness that has pervaded Indian life for thousands of years. He considers by opening to the spontaneity and richness of life in India we have an opportunity to awaken dimensions of ourselves that really expand our hearts, minds, and lives.


Nandini Medici is, in her own words, a ‘modern Yogini in progress’, she is a Sacred Feminine Awakener, a Women’s Empowerment coach, a Yoga and meditation teacher, an Ayurvedic therapist, a wife and entrepreneur. Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature.

Testimonials about the India Tour

“My Indian visit in 2011 with Kieran provided a strong spiritual experience that enabled me to redirect my life towards a more meaningful direction. The visit was really a pilgrimage to some the holiest places on earth and provided for me some profound and life-changing experiences.  By moving out of my comfortable surroundings and into a contrasting culture of color, poverty and beliefs gave me a space to let go of the control and expectations I had in my life.

 The chance to practice yoga and meditation in some deeply spiritual places provided moments of deep stillness and realizations.  I remember one deep moment of clarity when I saw an old and decaying statue of the Hindu God, Hanuman – the Monkey God and hero of Ramayana.  Hanuman was displayed after he has ripped opened his chest to expose his heart.  I clearly knew that image represented our purpose in life – to open our heart, to be vulnerable, to serve and to love.” Brendan Mulhall

“I really enjoyed the experience of the InSync Spiritual Journey to India. It was colorful, spiritual and there was the adventure. It opened my heart and mind to how other cultures live. I found the people full of tolerance and acceptance … and very welcoming with a beautiful way of looking at life.

I had a chance to connect with them for example even playing cricket. It was great to be part of their world and enjoy the simplicity of their life.  I would heartily recommend anyone who is thinking about this InSync tour to India to go ahead.” Sue Mitchell


“I was part of the very merry band that enjoyed the InSync Tour to India in 2009/10.  I loved being with a group of people who share an interest in the many facets of yoga, and exploring yoga while immersed in its cultural heartland.  We had lots of laughs but were also moved to tears at times by the beauty and depth of our experience.

Our Indian guides shared fascinating information about each place we visited, as well as personal stories that helped to bring Indian culture even more alive for us.  In addition, Kieran shared his deep understanding of India, all aspects of yoga, and Vedic Science.  His voice often came through the bus PA systems as we traveled along, telling stories prompted by things that we came across or questions that arose.

The tour ran smoothly and I think that everyone felt that their needs were well supported.  Apart from one case of bronchitis and one minor dose of ‘Delhi belly’ the group enjoyed good health throughout the tour. 

If you have never visited India before, the InSync tour is a safe and easeful way to get to know her; and for her old friends, a way to reconnect and deepen the bond.” Barbara Curnow

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