InSync Yoga Retreat (Canberra)
Give your life a boost!
From 7pm on Friday 17 March until 4pm Sunday 19 March
Retreat price: $445 (including meals and refreshments) 
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  1. Feeling great about yourself, your body and your life (regardless of your circumstances).
  2. Getting an opportunity to relax, unwind and reconnect with what's really important in your life.
  3. Learning how to be free from fear, disappointment, regret and resentment.
  4. Developing the confidence to really follow your heart and awaken to rich possibilities.
  5. Being able to contribute to the happiness of others.
  6. Living the life of your dreams!

This retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience, offering you not only the chance to deeply relax and unwind but also learn powerful strategies and skills to really improve your life. Whether you are a beginner or experienced at yoga and meditation, this retreat will offer immense benefit. 

"I love going to InSync retreats. It's a great opportunity for me to really relax and focus on myself for once!" Lynn Schofield
Benefits of doing a Retreat
Start or evolve your yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice.  
Get the concentrated essence and deep wisdom of yoga and meditation tradition and philosophy and learn the strategies to live a life of ease and joy.
Connect with others and be part of supportive group.

There’s nothing like being able to get away from it all and completely submerse yourself in a relaxing and rejuvenating health retreat for a number of days.

InSync Health Retreats offer a complete mind body experience to not only give you an excellent opportunity for body and mind relaxation, but also offer you an opportunity to dive into what’s holding you back from living the life you really deserve. 

What do your retreats offer? 

Our retreats offer a combination of relaxing yoga and meditation sessions and powerful healing and transformation processes to help you live life to the fullest. You'll also get an opportunity to connect with fellow participants and enjoy delicious home-style vegetarian meals specifically designed for healing and nutrition.

Do I need to be an experienced yoga or meditation practitioner?

Definitely not. In fact, many of our participants have never done yoga or meditation before coming on a retreat. Our sessions are structured in a way that makes them suitable to all levels of experience. 

We offer many options for people to feel comfortable doing what is best for them.

At InSync we really encourage people to listen to their own bodies and allow their body's wisdom to guide them.
Who is this retreat good for?
If like most people, you have a busy life and are trying to balance work, family and play, then you'll definitely enjoy the opportunity to take a break and 'refill the tank'.

You might also find yourself struggling in a particular area of life, for example at work or with a relationship. The processes and strategies you'll learn on this retreat will be of great benefit to you in this sense as well. What we teach is very practical and you can immediately apply to your life. 
Only $445 (includes meals and refreshments)

Typical Daily Structure 

Morning (8:00am – 12:00pm)
Yoga and Meditation practices
Transformational healing processes

Lunch (12:30pm – 2:30pm)
A delicious lunch
Free time 

Afternoon (3:00pm – 7:00pm)
Yoga and Meditation practices
Transformational healing processes

Feedback from others
Skye Shannon
"Invaluable teaching and wonderful opportunities to connect with not only beautiful people, but also to connect with yourself and your inner nature.
A very special place for reflection, contemplation and wisdom."
Sue Mitchel 
"It's a great way to escape from the business of life and focus on settling my body and mind.
Maureen Lee
"Professional, friendly, inspiring staff - yoga practice that is adaptable for all levels of strength and flexibility."
Learn powerful tools and skills to help you open and connect and enjoy life more! Experience and learn about the healing power of yoga and meditation, enjoy delicious and nourishing meals in the company of others. 
Feedback from Therese Kelly

“Without doubt the retreat exceeded my expectations. Among other amazing things the facilitator Kieran was so generous in imparting his wisdom and knowledge and he was such an unbelievable chef. His teachings interwoven with the outstanding food, yoga provided the perfect ingredients for an informative, rejuvenating and relaxing retreat.

For me, it was exactly the right balance of yoga, meditation, free time and life discussions.  The relaxed easy-going atmosphere during the retreat was conducive to learning and complemented the subject matter we were discussing and learning about. My thanks to both Kieran and Fabian for such a treasured experience and memory. I left there feeling refreshed, energised and definitely ‘insync’.”

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