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Deborah Taylor

I have probably learnt the most in my yoga journey by developing the discipline of a consistent home practice. I also love the idea that Yoga is really take-away. With a mat in your bag or over your shoulder you can go anywhere in the world and, as long as you can find a mat-sized […]

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Rachel developed her love for yoga and meditation during her first pregnancy with a strong desire to calm her mind and tune inwards, to learn how to be a peaceful and patient Mum. Becoming a new Mum while living in Alice Springs, thousands of kilometres away from her family was at times a challenging experience. […]

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Jodi Bates

Jodi has been practising meditation for the past 19 years.  She loves to share the benefits she has received from meditating and does this through teaching Meditation and Mindfulness to people of all ages.  She has trained at InSync and at the Mindful Schools Curriculum to support her teaching mindfulness to children. Jodi also has […]

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Kieran’ O’Callaghan is the founder and Director of the InSync Institute. He has coached, mentored and conducted transformative programs for thousands of individuals and organisations over many years. He is a versatile and innovative thinker who has focused for the last 25 years on how to bring improvement to individuals, organisations and community life. Kieran […]

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Fabian has been an avid meditator for many years and has taught mindfulness and meditation to hundreds of individuals, helping them dramatically improve their experience of life. Fabian first turned to meditation as a way to effectively deal with acute anxiety and depression. Fabian is also an experienced coach helping people improve their lives and […]

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Brendan’s passion for yoga and mindful practices is derived from a quest to understand and quieten the mind. Brendan has been meditating for over 20 years and over recent times has found that yoga has become a wonderful tool for not only fitness and flexibility, but also to prepare the body and mind for meditation. […]

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Ambe-Gauri has practiced yoga for over 15 years and completed 250 hour traditional Hatha Yoga teacher training in India with Yoga Point Vidya. She teaches from a playful heart coupled with a passionate and curious spirit, bringing her natural light-hearted nature. Ambe-Gauri’s personal goal is to inspire individuals and communities to live an empowered life […]

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Nandini has been passionately practising yoga for over 18 years and has been teaching since 2002. She has undertaken numerous yoga and meditation professional development training programs through the InSync Institute and other organisations in New-Zealand, France, Tahiti and India. Nandini’s own style of teaching has been influenced by several well known teachers such as […]

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Michael York has been practising Yoga for the past 13+ years. Brought to the mat all those years ago by a series of smoking related health issues he has embraced his Yogic journey spurred on through the ups and downs of life’s journey by the likes of Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his good friend […]

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Tony Magus

I‘m an IT architect by day which is also what led me to yoga in the first place. After an accident at work left me with a back injury and years of sitting in front of the computer made it worse, I started practicing yoga in an effort to help with this. At that time […]

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I am from Russia and have practiced and studied yoga since 2006. Like many young mothers I had health issues that left me feeling emotionally broken and without trust in my own power. I came to find yoga after suffering from hip, neck and lower back injuries that were a result of poor posture for […]

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