Why choose us?

  1. We have well over 15 years experience teaching people how to effectively meditate and practice mindfulness.
  2. We’ve also taught meditation in a variety of contexts to thousands of people from all walks of life.
  3. Teach many of the most researched practices and techniques that have been scientifically proven to greatly improve your life.
  4. We are committed to helping you develop a strong, ongoing personal practice and provide opportunities for continued learning and development.
  5. We not only teach you how to meditate but also how to understand the mechanics of life. And how to live life more skilfully and enjoy life so much more.
  6. Give you a deeper understanding of yourself, life and how you can create a beautiful and fulfilling life. Including learning techniques that will help you improve key areas of your life.


InSync Meditation has one simple objective: calm your mind so that you can experience greater clarity, peace, joy and heightened well-being in your life. Meditation can work for anyone and requires no change in belief or lifestyle.

At the heart of InSync’s approach is simply to help people live more in harmony with life by developing an effective meditation practice. InSync techniques are some of the most effective and powerful for experiencing deep relaxation, releasing stress and promoting healing.

At InSync, we respect the cultures and traditions in which many meditation teachings have been passed on whilst endeavoring to present these practices in a way that’s relevant and appropriate to you and your needs. Our meditation programs require no belief or lifestyle change and can be integrated fully with your own belief and values system.

InSync meditation programs include options for personal, group and online instruction. It is also designed for those who want to learn how to meditate effectively. As well as those who wish to improve their existing meditation practice. If you have tried to meditate previously and had difficulty. Discover how easy it is with effective instruction tailored to suit your needs.

Try one of our courses today. And see the difference!

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