Tack Daniel

Tack Daniel

Growing up in a small New Zealand community taught Tack the value of working together. As a kid, Tack loved doing the haka and ran around looking for fun and adventure. That search took him into a range of sport before he became curious about how the body worked.

At 24 Tack auditioned for the New Zealand School of Dance and started a journey experiencing movement; the body and human expression in different cultures all over the world. He took his first down dog 8 years ago and recently completed his yoga teacher training with Heather Agnew and Robyn Lewis in Vynyasa Flow. One of Tack’s aims is to work with the community to help bring yoga to more people.

Tack likes to be guided by words of his Kumu hula teacher, Aunti Mai’ki Lake who worked with patients with muscular dystrophy: “Everyone moves in their own way – look at the joy in their eyes ..”

Tack has a Masters in Public Policy, Cert III in Fitness and enjoys writing, gardening, and taking snapshots on his phone.