InSync Yoga Class List

InSync Fire Flow

Activate. Energise. Strengthen.

This is a dynamic flowing class. A fabulously fun way to build strength, flexibility and endurance. This is a moderate level class with options given for all levels.  Newbies may want to start with Slow Flow classes.


InSync Slow Flow

Strengthen. Stretch. Relax.

Slow flow is a class that helps deepen our fundamental understanding of alignment and helps fine tune our practice. This class is slow and strong with options will be given for all levels of strength and flexibility.  Suitable for beginners to the experienced yogi. A great class to do once per week.


InSync Earth Flow

Ground. Stretch. Relax.

A nurturing grounding class for those who want to deeply relax and settle.  This floor centred practice will help you feel nurtured and supported. It is also a great option for anyone with reduced mobility.


InSync Earth Yin

Ground. Heal. Open.

A deep opening class where postures are held for longer periods to enable deeper openings in the joints, fascia and connective tissue. A gentle yet challenging class suitable for all levels of strength and flexibility.  May include poetry, candlelight, head massages or music.  Yiin is a balancing compliment to all our other classes.


InSync Sacred Yoga

New description coming soon!


InSync Structural Alignment

Description coming soon!

InSync Karma Class

Donate when you can monthly class. Let our Insync yoga teacher trainees guide you through their most heart-felt sequence.  Feel free to attend, ask questions, laugh, learn and flow.

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