Magical India Tour

Travel like a local while enjoying the rich Indian cuisine, cultural diversity and varying landscapes of this incredible country.

Expand your mind and world in this unforgettable experience!

Starting 4 December 2017 with 17 and 25-day options

Open your horizons by exploring this unforgettable country in the company of others. Our tour leader has over 10 years’ experience in providing tours and retreats in Australia and internationally.

InSync’s Spiritual Journey to India will expand your awareness. Giving you profound insights into the history, traditions, and philosophies of this colorful, diverse and exciting continent.

Learn about the diverse peoples, languages, customs, history and spiritual traditions of this wonderful and ancient land.

Journey through beautiful locations from the stunning Himalayan plateaux and peaks to the sacred waters of the Ganges.

See the majestic Taj Mahal, the breath-taking Red Fort in Delhi and the forests of the Rajaji Natural Park.

Visit sacred temples and tune into the essence underlying the human quest for meaning and wholeness manifested through time.

Experience the spirituality and culture of this ancient land and develop your yoga and meditation practice.

Explore the wonders of Rishikesh and Haridwar, the delights of Agra, the history and spirituality of Bodhgaya. The magnificence of Varanasi – the City of Lights and key pilgrimage site on the Ganges.

Experience all this and more guided by a tour leader who has traveled extensively in India. He has a vast knowledge of Indian culture and history.

With our carefully selected highlights of India, you’ll experience some of the very best of this multi-faceted country. The tour program is designed to boost your inner journey. Giving you the experience and the wonders of India.

This group journey is perfect for a first-time visitor or for those who want to experience more of what this incredible country has to offer. Combining the security of traveling with a group with a fantastic itinerary is the ideal way to get around a country like India.

Why choose us?

InSync has been running successful tours to India for many years, providing quality of service and individualized attention, as participants on previous tours have attested.

Early Bird (Before 1 July)

 Tour Prices 18 day 25 day
 Twin Share $3,567 $4,695
 Single $4,695 $5,995

After 1 July

 Tour Prices 18 day 25 day
 Twin Share $3,795 $4,995
 Single $4,995 $6,490

Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to truly transform your life and awaken more passion, clarity, strength and peace.

Tour package includes:

  1. Profound peace and beauty by the Ganges River in the Himalayan foothills with a 5-day yoga and meditation retreat
  2. The rich range of tastes, colors and sensory delights of modern India
  3. Sacred rituals of praise and healing with pilgrims at the ancient centers of Haridwar and Benares (Varanasi)
  4. Meditate at the Bodhgaya,  the most sacred site of the Buddhist world.
  5. The yoga capital of the world – Rishikesh!
  6. Nature, forests, and wildlife in Rajaji Natural Park
  7. Ayurvedic massage, temples, ashrams, elephants, astrologers, wonderful bazaars, the shopping adventure, heaps of fun, and much more.

18 and 25-Day Tour


Explore ancient alleyways, visiting a beautiful Jain temple, a famous Sikh Gurudwara and India’s largest and most renowned mosques.

Visit the Red Fort, Raj Ghat and experience a cycle rickshaw ride through Chandi Chowk.


This is the ancient center of yoga and meditation and a place many consider today’s international capital of yoga. Rishikesh is situated on the banks of the Ganges, at the foothills of the Himalayas and is extremely peaceful and beautiful.

As we enjoy the gifts and benefits of a yoga and meditation retreat, we will explore the temples, ashrams, and forest. For those who wish to, we can enjoy rafting at the Ganges.


We will explore Haridwar and its special temples and visit the ashram of Ananda Mayi Ma, or Amma, a highly respected living sage, and humanitarian.

And experience the afternoon and evening culture of Haridwar including the famous community Arati (ceremony) by the Ganges at sunset.


We’ll head out to visit one of the most beautiful architectural wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.


This is the most sacred of Buddhist centers where Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. We’ll be able to experience the rich variety of Buddhist culture in Bodhgaya and meditate to our heart’s content. Maybe experience some of what Buddha did!

Here we’ll have a chance to enjoy an excursion to important sites associated with Buddha and visit the ancient Nalanda University. For many centuries, Nalanda is a highly acclaimed learning institute.


Our dawn boat ride with a guide will enable you to experience a sense of the sacred as pilgrims bathe in the most hallowed bathing spots in India and observe the early morning rituals of yogis, priests, and sadhus. We’ll have an opportunity to visit temples and ashrams and around sunset time we will be able to witness a special light ceremony on the banks of the Ganges.

25 Day Tour


A day of experience at the multicultural Cochin with shopping, a synagogue, churches, and Fort Cochin.

Varkala – Amritapuri

After breakfast we will drive to Amritapuri through the beautiful countryside of “God’s own land” – this is how the local people describe Kerala. At Amritapuri we will stay at the ashram of one of India’s most highly respected spiritual leaders and humanitarians, Mata Amritananda Mayi, or Amma. There we have the chance to tune into the life of the ashram and experience Christmas Eve.

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Your tour leader

b00d47456e55dd471b63e9aeaaa0c484KIERAN O’CALLAGHAN

Kieran is the founder and Director of the InSync Institute. He has conducted transformative programs for thousands of individuals and organizations for over 35 years.

Kieran has many years’ experience leading programs both locally in Australia and internationally, including leading many tours to India. He has a deep understanding of the Indian culture, people, and their history as well as of the philosophies, religions, and worldviews that have shaped Indian life.

Kieran invests energy into these tours not only to help people develop and understand meditation and yoga but to experience deeper humanity and appreciate the quest for meaning and wholeness that has pervaded Indian life for thousands of years. He considers by opening to the spontaneity and richness of life in India we have an opportunity to awaken dimensions of ourselves that really expand our hearts, minds, and lives.

Testimonials about the India Tour

“My Indian visit in 2011 with Kieran provided a strong spiritual experience that enabled me to redirect my life towards a more meaningful direction. The visit was really a pilgrimage to some the holiest places on earth and provided for me some profound and life-changing experiences.  By moving out of my comfortable surroundings and into a contrasting culture of color, poverty and beliefs gave me a space to let go of the control and expectations I had in my life.

 The chance to practice yoga and meditation in some deeply spiritual places provided moments of deep stillness and realizations.  I remember one deep moment of clarity when I saw an old and decaying statue of the Hindu God, Hanuman – the Monkey God and hero of Ramayana.  Hanuman was displayed after he has ripped opened his chest to expose his heart.  I clearly knew that image represented our purpose in life – to open our heart, to be vulnerable, to serve and to love.” Brendan Mulhall

“I really enjoyed the experience of the InSync Spiritual Journey to India. It was colorful, spiritual and there was the adventure. It opened my heart and mind to how other cultures live. I found the people full of tolerance and acceptance … and very welcoming with a beautiful way of looking at life.

I had a chance to connect with them for example even playing cricket. It was great to be part of their world and enjoy the simplicity of their life.  I would heartily recommend anyone who is thinking about this InSync tour to India to go ahead.” Sue Mitchell


“I was part of the very merry band that enjoyed the InSync Tour to India in 2009/10.  I loved being with a group of people who share an interest in the many facets of yoga, and exploring yoga while immersed in its cultural heartland.  We had lots of laughs but were also moved to tears at times by the beauty and depth of our experience.

Our Indian guides shared fascinating information about each place we visited, as well as personal stories that helped to bring Indian culture even more alive for us.  In addition, Kieran shared his deep understanding of India, all aspects of yoga, and Vedic Science.  His voice often came through the bus PA systems as we traveled along, telling stories prompted by things that we came across or questions that arose.

The tour ran smoothly and I think that everyone felt that their needs were well supported.  Apart from one case of bronchitis and one minor dose of ‘Delhi belly’ the group enjoyed good health throughout the tour. 

If you have never visited India before, the InSync tour is a safe and easeful way to get to know her; and for her old friends, a way to reconnect and deepen the bond.” Barbara Curnow

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